The Hard-on that Wouldn’t Quit: A Solo Story from a Reader

A reader named Wilson submitted this to me for Masturbation Month! Thanks, Wilson, and the rest of you: enjoy!

A few months ago I woke up horny with a hard cock. My wife wasn’t home, and I had a lot of work to do. So I shrugged it off and got on my laptop.  Hours went by and my cock was still hard. To make matters worse, I couldn’t keep my hands off my cock. I got on Twitter asking if there were any cam girls I’ve jerked to online? None of them were, so I started strolling the net. When that didn’t pan out, I started watching something on Netflix streaming to take my mind off of my cock.

Three hours later, the pressure had subsided but then my balls started to ache. I touched my cock again; it was harder, warmer, and primed for a milking. By this time, it had been 6 hours and I hadn’t released. I got on Twitter again, looking for the one who could assist me in finding relief. Again, not one cam girl I knew was on. Determined to bust a nut, I logged into MFC. Luckily for me, Fuuka logged on.

For 45 minutes, I stroked my cock. Switching up hand grips and speeds, I worked my cock like it was a job. It felt so good; pre-cum started dripping. Before I reached orgasm, I took my hand off of my cock. I felt the cum slowly building up. My cock started jumping and cum started shooting out. I grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it. It took everything I had not to scream. That was one of the best solo nuts I’ve ever had.


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