The Not-Doctor Is In

I’ve decided that as a public service, I should probably apply my discerning judgment, my wide knowledge of many things sex- and porn- and dating-related, and my undeniable awesomeness to the betterment of this world and the lives of those in it. That’s right, readers, I want to do a sexpert column. I’ve been thinking of approaching several publications to perform this valuable service for them, but then I’d probably have to toe some sort of company line and only talk about PC topics, or non-PC topics, or something, depending on the publication. So why not try it out here? I’ll take any and all questions, and try to answer then once or twice a week as Not-Dr. Lags, your resident know-it-all.

And I mean that. I do tend to know what I’m talking about when it comes to the topics of pornography (almost any kind), sexuality, sex itself, sexual relationships, and even evolutionary biology as it relates to sex. If I can’t answer a particularly interesting question, I’ve got friends and/or colleagues who can. And, here’s the thing: I’m always right. No, seriously, I mean that. People have trouble believing this because I’m a tiny woman who looks younger than her age (according to many; I’m not sure I agree with this assessment), but when people ask for my advice and don’t take it, they almost always come back later and say they wish they had. I often sit back and watch people screw things up as a result of not listening to my directions while traveling or hiking, and laugh. I am, I swear it’s true, always right. But few people listen to little old me. So I’ve decided to open this up to a public test: send me your questions about anything sex-related. I may not be able to answer them all, or right away, but I will do my best, and I bet you’ll be impressed with my answers.

Send them to me! Either leave them in the comments section below, or email me at

Bring it on.

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